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"We think you are awesome and we think you have great rates, do great coding, and are very intelligent and wise guys (not 'wise guys' but actually wise men)."

Applications Manager
Shumsky Enterprises

"You are a genius."

Chief Information Officer
Best Response Strategies

"By the way - nice job on all of the Boost functionality. Things are looking good. I appreciate all of the time and attention you and Steve are taking to keep the development on schedule."

Director of IT
Shumsky Enterprises

"Finite Wisdom really came through! We are very happy with the work you have done, the support and understanding. You will see a lot of new projects from us!"

Bernard Nacht & Co.

"As I gain more understanding of the application and the requirements, I see the challenging task you are taking on and you really did a good job."

Software Engineer
Fuji Medical Systems

"Everything worked and I have put up the new website. Thank you so much for all your help- you are the best!"

Legislative Director
ACLU - Virginia

"The web site looks great. We are very excited to be able to manipulate it from our office. This should be a big help to the club."

Richmond Strikers

"Just want to let you know that we had a great show at RSNA. All the customers that I spoke to or heard from others, they were extremely happy with the new... features. [Your application] again was making a big mark at the show."

Project Manager
Fuji Medical Systems

"Your documentation rocks."

Oracle DBA
University of Richmond

"We've also taken quite an extended look at your [online store] and its inventory and wanted to congratulate you (and your design team) on your site. It is remarkably easy to navigate and the separate side bar in which a single item pops up next to the search results is really convenient. It is one of the BEST shopping sites we've been on in years! Have a pleasant week and thank you."

The Wilburns
Average Americans

"The instructor presented some dry material in a way that kept me from sleeping. Josh goes out of his way to make sure people understand. He presents all material ultra-clearly. He's a great teacher."

Graduate Student
Virginia Commonwealth University

"You're a modular kind of guy... and I mean that as a compliment."

Vice President
Shumsky Enterprises

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