PROBLEM SOLVED: Replacement for Authorize.Net

One of our clients is switching from an in-house, home-grown ERP to NetSuite. Although their home-grown ERP supports Authorize.Net, NetSuite does not. They are therefore looking for an alternative solution for credit card processing. The alternative must work both NetSuite and the e-commerce software (a.k.a. “the system”) that Finite Wisdom has developed for them.

This is a review of potential replacement payment processors for Authorize.Net from a development perspective. It is in consideration of a change to a payment processor with a built-in integration to the NetSuite ERP. This review takes the approach of comparing the way these payment processors could work as compared to the way the current integration with Authorize.Net works.

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Problem [Could Have Been] Solved

Earlier this year, one of our clients (I'll call them ACME Industries) approached us with the following problem: “We need 260,000 people to go online and select their size for a shirt. We need about 10,000 people to be able to select concurrently.” After a short conversation with the client, more detailed requirements were identified. Let's take a look at their both their requirements and our proposed solution.

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