Heroku: What is it and why do I need to know about it?

From the publisher

Heroku is a cloud platform that lets companies build, deliver, monitor and scale apps — we’re the fastest way to go from idea to URL, bypassing all those infrastructure headaches.

Our quick summary

Building out the IT infrastructure to properly support an app is a hard and tedious job. It is also thankless  you quickly hear when the app is down, but not when it's been up and running flawlessly for weeks and months on end.

Heroku is a cloud-based platform that provides all of that infrastructure for you and lets you focus on the ultimately important part: your app — what it does and how well it does it. You no longer have to worry about:

Heroku handles all of that with elegance and ease. You build your app. They do everything else.

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CSS: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition

From the publisher

CSS: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition, provides you with a comprehensive guide to CSS implementation, along with a thorough review of all aspects of CSS 2.1. Updated to cover Internet Explorer 7, Microsoft’s vastly improved browser, this new edition includes content on positioning, lists and generated content, table layout, user interface, paged media, and more. Author Eric Meyer tackles the subject with passion, exploring in detail each individual CSS property and how it interacts with other properties. You’ll not only learn how to avoid common mistakes in interpretation, you also will benefit from the depth and breadth of his experience and his clear and honest style. This is the complete sourcebook on CSS.

Our one-paragraph review

To be an effective web developer, one needs firm command of the cascading style sheets (CSS) specification. Although this book is now ten years old, it remains (as does its author, Eric Meyer) the definite reference on the topic. No matter whether you are new to CSS or have been using it for years and think you understand it, this book is worth a read.

Source: http://www.finitewisdom.com/people/joshua-...