Hi Liz/Josh,
Was wanting to pass information to you. A number of customers are using DSC and they really appreciate the work FMIS did. I must say that without you guys we could not have done this.

Santhosh George
Database Team Lead
FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Dallas, Texas

Steve and Bill, Good morning. We received our PCI follow up scan results and have been told we passed in all areas! Thanks as always for your hard work on getting this project completed on time, hopefully this sets us up for easier audits going forward.

David Rector
E-Commerce Manager
Shumsky Enterprises, Dayton, Ohio

Sorry about the drop in connection. I just wanted to emphasize the coolness of how the tool stands now. Just in the short span of our meeting we has some pretty cool (next level) ideas of where we can take it. I dig it!!

Jason Trump
Product Manager
FUJIFILM Medical Systems, Morrisville, North Carolina

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!
So, apparently I had the padding set to “0”. Thank you. Once I changed that I was able to delete the color block.
I sincerely appreciate the help! Thanks for making my day go a little smoother.

Steve did a great job on this. Customer was very happy. Thank you

Mitch Emoff
Executive Vice President
Goldner Associates, Nashville, Tennessee

Joshua, you freakin rock!!!! Thank you so much!! I know this is not your ‘job’ per se, so I really appreciate you helping me...Can I get your manager’s name and info so I can share some affirmations?
Thanks again!

Andrew Molnar
Holistic Healer & Guide

Josh has been the original architect of [the administrative web app] and has been pivotal in converting [the app] to use nodejs. His commitment on maintaining superior quality is highly commendable. Over the past year - he has helped out team members extensively on nodejs.

Santhosh George
Database Team Lead
FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Dallas, Texas

I gave the (web app) training today... very very positive, despite a tough crowd (around 50+ senior people from the marketing and support organization). So want to thank you again for doing such a great job with it.

Alan Pollard
Product Owner
FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Morrisville, North Carolina

Thank you & your team for your work in moving the hosting platform. Very professional & within timeframe / budget.

George Marchenko
Farm2U Online, Richmond, Virginia

Thank you for meeting with us this morning. We really appreciate your common sense approach to our marketing.

Cynthia S. Culley, M.Ed.
Assistant Head of School/Admissions Director
Northstar Academy, Richmond, Virginia

Hi Josh. This is my very first to time to mail you and even to communicated you directly. I am writing this because I could not help telling you that I was so fascinated by the beautify of the work you did for the re-skining of Synapse admin tools. Today Santosh let me see the screens of your work and I was shocked by the perfectness of the design implementation. Simply put, great work. Thank you very much.

Takuya Shimomura
Executive Director
FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA, Morrisville, North Carolina

This is totally an aside, but I’ve been the one mainly working with the code that you guys sent us. As an intern here it probably doesn’t mean much, but I’m more and more impressed with what you guys delivered. I think the issue we were having with it earlier and to some extent now is that it’s beyond anyone’s Python capabilities here. Anyways, thanks for your help.

Bryan De Leon
Authentify, Chicago, Illinois

All – I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your customer service. You all are very prompt, have great communication and get things done – quickly. I deal with a wide variety of people in my position and many don’t measure up to what I consider to be good customer service. Thank you for your patience while we go through so many changes at Farm Bureau and it’s been a pleasure working with you. That’s all!

Loren Williams
Graphic Designer & Web Administrator
Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance, Richmond, Virginia

What seemed to be a rocky beginning for this project, turned out to be a great ride. I am very proud of the accomplished and truly appreciate your resilience and all effort put into it! I truly had a chance to experience Finite Wisdom in action during this project and was very impressed with all your support!

Danusia Boshinski
Project Manager
Shumsky Enterprises, Dayton, Ohio

I just wanted to give you some feedback on the mobile claims app that we have [developed by Finite Wisdom]. I used it this Sunday for a water damage claim that my father in law had. I must admit I was skeptical using something like this and was really worried about how quick this claim would be entered into the system. On Monday I pulled this claim up and printed the loss report and I was very surprised at what I saw. Not only had this claim been assigned to an adjuster, but the description of damage was exactly what I submitted. I have already sent an e mail to Donnie expressing how useful and easy this tool is but I want you to know that this APP is GOOD STUFF!!!!! We need more tools like this in the field. Again I just wanted you to know how quick and easy this APP is and that I really appreciate it.

Jock Doyle
Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist
Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance, Emporia, Virginia

We think you are awesome and we think you have great rates, do great coding, and are very intelligent and wise guys (not ‘wise guys’ but actually wise men).

Kristin Brand
Applications Manager
Shumsky Enterprises, Dayton, Ohio

You are a genius.

Greg Gannon
Chief Information Officer
Best Response Strategies, Richmond, Virginia

By the way - nice job on all of the Boost functionality. Things are looking good. I appreciate all of the time and attention you and Steve are taking to keep the development on schedule.

Anthony Poly
Director of IT
Shumsky Enterprises, Dayton, Ohio

Finite Wisdom really came through! We are very happy with the work you have done, the support and understanding. You will see a lot of new projects from us!

Alan Nacht
Bernard Nacht & Co.

As I gain more understanding of the application and the requirements, I see the challenging task you are taking on and you really did a good job.

Andrew Leung
Software Engineer
FUJIFILM Medical Systems, Stamford, Connecticut

Everything worked and I have put up the new website. Thank you so much for all your help- you are the best!

Aimee Perron
Legislative Director
ACLU - Virginia, Richmond, Virginia

Just want to let you know that we had a great show at RSNA. All the customers that I spoke to or heard from others, they were extremely happy with the new... features. [Your application] again was making a big mark at the show.

Renee Walsh
Project Manager
FUJIFILM Medical Systems, Stamford, Connecticut

Your documentation rocks.

Oracle DBA
University of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia

You’re a modular kind of guy... and I mean that as a compliment.

Mitch Emoff
Executive Vice President
Goldner Associates, Nashville, Tennessee

You have been absolutely wonderful to work with these past few days. I know we threw a lot of stuff at you and had some demanding deadlines for you to meet.. And you handled them all with style and grace. You’re such a trooper... Thanks again...

Denise Schultheis
E-Commerce Administrator
Target Marketing, Richmond, Virginia

For the past 5 months, the NOVA and IT teams have been planning to upgrade our server hosting for our online stores for better performance and security. This plan ultimately required us to move our servers from New York to Richmond. This weekend, we sent a team to New York who secured our servers, drove them back to Richmond, and had them back up and running by Saturday evening. The dozens and dozens of planning hours that went into this paid off with a smooth transition. We were offline for only a few business hours. I want to thank our technology teams for a job so well done.

Jay Nathanson
Managing Partner
Target Marketing, Richmond, Virginia

Thanks for all your help! It sure has been a pleasure working with you! (I would like to clone you so that I could have more members like you!)

Kevin Eddowes
IT Cooperative, New Kent, Virginia

You guys have been great to work with, especially considering how demanding we can be at times. [Your project] has made the e-commerce sites much better for me here.

Mark Hamilton
E-Commerce Administrator
Shumsky Enterprises, Dayton, Ohio

Josh, I went to the [new] admin tool. It’s totally awesome. You are, as I originally suspected, a very talented technology dude. Thanks for the great work.

Jay Nathanson
Managing Partner
Target Marketing, Richmond, Virginia

I want [all] of you to know that the site looks great and a BIG potential customer was really impressed this morning with what he saw. I can’t wait till he sees what it looks like after the [final] changes are made.

Josh Krider
Project Manager
Environment Solutions, Ashland, Virginia

After our lunch, I was convinced that we should all just quit and have you [do] everything. I was impressed and I am not easily impressed.

Chairman, Information Systems Department
Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia

One of the most impressive things to demonstrate at [the conference] was [your project]. People are really getting into, ‘how do I manage my [system]?’ [Your project] makes it easy and simple. Great stuff.

National Marketing Manager
FUJIFILM Medical Systems, Stamford, Connecticut