Executive Summary

Finite Wisdom is an eleven-person company, based in the Richmond, Virginia area, providing custom software development services to clients in Central Virginia and beyond. Our expertise is focused on bringing web-based functionality to all platforms from the large and immobile (servers and desktops) to the small and mobile (tablets and smartphones) — in short, "making the web do useful stuff."

Our typical client matches one of two profiles:

  • Needs custom software, but is too small to have programmers of their own
  • Needs custom software, but is so large that their IT staff is overwhelmed and needs a helping hand

In the 15 years since Finite Wisdom was founded in 2000, we have implemented over 100 individual projects varying in size from man-days to man-years. Our current clients include:

The software we've developed for these clients has been used to power solutions for high-profile clients of their own, including:

Our full-time employees include:

Our part-time employees, bringing specialized skills to the company, include:

  • Ellen Reiser — Graphic designer
  • Cherye Paulson — Creative writer
  • Tom Hopkins — Software engineer
  • Tripp Lilley — Software engineer
  • Greg Hofbauer — Web designer

Our rates range from $125/hour for senior software engineers and web designers to $75/hour for everyone else — junior software engineers, graphic designers and creative writers.

Need to know anything else about us? Just ask.