Spotlight on Smart Projex

As popular as the Agile software methodology is nowadays, there are a certain class of projects for which Agile is not ideally suited. The Agile methodology is great for companies which are trying to build software better, faster, and cheaper than the competition. Many projects fall outside that category.

Smart Projex — the methodology — was designed for teams of knowledge workers who are working on strategic initiatives and need a way to manage work flows, money, communications, and scope in a rapidly changing environment. 

Smart Projex — the software — allows you to manage complex and critical projects where cost management, flexibility, and open communications are essential and the only thing that is predictable is change. It reduces costs by focusing the team on what is important, highlights the most critical deadlines, includes a change management process, and moves the project focus from resource and schedule management to results management.

Finite Wisdom has built all of that software using the following technology stack:

Although we didn't build their marketing web site, you can learn a lot more about Smart Projex over there.