Please Welcome Suzanne Davenport

The Problem

At the core of our business philosophy has always been one simple rule: play to your strength. In looking back over 2015, I recognize a weakness in our project management: some projects have gone over budget and timely communication has been inconsistent.

The Solution

To remedy this situation, I have hired a professional project manager to assume all project management responsibilities for the work we do for our clients. This will allow the rest of us to focus on our strength: the management of technology (requirements, design and implementation).

Suzanne Davenport is well-known to me and the Finite Wisdom team. We built her project management software, Smart Projex, several years ago. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), and has years of project experience in multiple industries.

Suzanne specializes in managing projects in the business world, where nothing is constant except change, and where teams work on complex, urgent, and important projects.

You can reach Suzanne at and follow her blog on topics in project management.