The JavaScript Revolution


There are over 100 major spoken languages in the world, each with millions of native speakers.  Imagine for a moment how convenient it would be if everyone spoke a single language. Although the promise of Esperanto hasn't materialized, one can argue that JavaScript is the only programming language one needs to perform the most common of programming tasks.

As of 2016, JavaScript has been widely accepted for:

  • Web applications, both...
  • > Client-side
  • > Server-side
  • Mobile applications
  • Toolchains

and is poised to make a run at: 

  • Desktop applications
  • Embedded systems

Here is a quick chronology of major events in JavaScript's history:

Looking ahead, it is only a matter of time before tools like NativeScript evolve to allow development in JavaScript of native applications for desktop operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. In the world of embedded systems, tools like Espruino are already trying to make "JavaScript on Board" a reality.

In short, JavaScript is here to stay. Embrace and be glad.