Weebly Apps

What are Weebly Apps?

A few years ago, Weebly introduced their own App Center, allowing third-party developers to create new apps to extend the functionality of their website builder (a set of tools that allow you to create a website using an intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface). Finite Wisdom has created five of these apps:

Group introduces a new feature into Weebly: a mechanism to move or copy elements as a group. If you had a logical group of elements (say, a photograph, associated title and short description), you could not move or copy them together. Instead, you needed to move or copy each of the elements individually and reconstruct the group.

Installations: 278,569
Average rating: 3.9

Color Block, introduces a new feature into Weebly: a mechanism to highlight particular content by putting a solid block of color behind it. Inside the Color Block, one can insert any combination of content blocks - titles, text, images, etc., or even other Color Blocks.

Installations: 9,300,534
Average rating: 4.1

Hide allows you to specify whether a given collection of elements should be shown or hidden at each of the following window sizes: extra small (phone, small tablet), small (tablet, small laptop), medium (laptop, small desktop) and large (large desktop).

Installations: 1,750,797
Average rating: 4.6

Icon introduces a new feature into Weebly: there has been no set of icons available to provide a richer, intuitive user experience.

Installations: 692,064
Average rating: 3.1

It is often visually compelling to crop an image into a circle. One common use is when presenting images of people. The Porthole app allows you to do so with any image. You can put as many instances of the Porthole app onto a page as you desire.

Installations: 36
Average rating: n/a